Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How is it May already? (Swimming)

I missed all of April? How?

Right; time to pick up on some stuff, then. I've restarted the swimming in every LSx pool (task #38 by going to the new public access pool at work. About seven weeks ago I stopped going swimming at my usual pool for medical reasons, and in the meantime a swimming pool opened on campus, twenty years after the idea was first suggested. The intervening twenty years has seen us take over a school site that had its own pool, which we demolished because it was grim as anything, have no less than three sets of plans drawn up as to where a new pool might go, and all sorts of backpedalling and excuses trotted out by the establishment. It was only when LCC said "we're closing the City pool" and the subsequent uproar from the public caused them to go into partnership with the University over this that the money was forthcoming. So, we got a new fitness centre.

The pool is fab; a 25m, widescreen pool that uses less water than conventional pools (how? Magic, AFAICT) and has a revolutionary treatment plant that uses a quarter of the chlorine that pools usually do (how? Silver and UV, apparently). It has magic energy efficiency stuff going on, too. The upshot of this is that the pool is lovely. It doesn't hurt the eyes or the lungs, it's the right temperature (although possibly a bit warm for "proper" swimmers), the changing rooms have underfloor heating and fantastic showers, there's a steam room and sauna and although 2/3 of the pool was reserved for swim team practice sessions there was enough room for about twenty normal people to splash about. £4, which is 30p more than South Leeds.

I managed 16 lengths in 30 minutes, which isn't bad seeing as I was last in the water in March. Getting there early is a good idea, but one held by many people. So I'm back in the saddle; twice a week I go swimming, the other three days I walk to work. Saturdays and Sundays are cycling and running days. I was starting to miss exercise (and the Wii Fit has told me off for gaining weight - a whole pound in two weeks, BMI floating about the 29.4 mark), stiffening up too much and getting achey, so I'm glad to be back on the treadmill again, even if I don't actually use a, yanno, treadmill.