Thursday, March 5, 2009

Final list.

Final list:

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1 Create and use a blog about doing a 101 challenge.
2 Finish writing Silver [more details]
3 Take a photograph every day for a year (or 365 consecutive days) [more details]
4 Walk (at least) 30 miles a week for 46 weeks [more details]
5 Find out my grid square [more details]
6 (as part of 5) Thoroughly investigate my grid square [more details]
7 Appear on Telly [more details] (COMPLETED 01/04/09: read me.)
8 Learn how to make chocolates [more details] (COMPLETED 24/04/09: read me.)
9 Make jam from foraged fruit. [more details]
10 Visit a foreign country. [more details]
11 Knit a hat. [more details]
12 Have a stall at a farmer's market [more details]
13 Tell someone I love them every day. [more details]
14 Visit an English Vineyard [more details]
15 Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant. [more details]
16 Join the Leeds Civic Trust [more details]
17 Visit every library with an LS postcode [more details]
18 Sign up with a dentist [more details]
19 Draw at least 20 diary-type comic strips. [more details]
20 Volunteer for something [more details] (COMPLETED 21/03/10: fairly convoluted, but some of this is here.)
21 Tick off 20 National Trust Properties from the Handbook. [more details]
22 Visit Roundhay Park [more details]
23 (as part of 22) Visit Tropical World [more details] (COMPLETED 04/04/09: read me.)
24 Get a photo published in a magazine [more details]
25 Take a portrait photograph of as many people as I can. [more details]
26 Eat more fruit [more details]
27 Attend a bookcrossing meeting. [more details]
28 Get up on stage at a comedy open mic event. [more details]
29 See as many original Atkinson Grimshaw paintings as I can. [more details]
30 See a performance at the Sage. [more details]
31 Get a backstage tour at the YEP WYP. [more details]
32 Go to mass. [more details]
33 Take a meditation class. [more details]
34 Visit my lil baby sister. [more details]
35 Make a souffle. [more details]
36 Make beetroot pasta that looks and tastes fantastic. [more details]
37 Wordle the blog posts I make about this at least once every 30 days. [more details]
38 Go for a swim in every municipal pool with an LS postcode. [more details]
39 Take a cutting from perdu's rose. [more details]
40 Grow my own spuds. [more details]
41 Grow my own tomatoes and chilies. [more details]
42 Go on a beekeeping course. [more details] (COMPLETED 10/07/11: Read me)
43 Go for seven consecutive days without spending any money. [more details]
44 Run 5K [more details]
45 In order to carry out 44: engage in a relatively sensible training schedule. [more details]
46 Go for a dip at White Wells [more details]
47 Plant a tree. [more details]
48 Try to register for blood donation. [more details] (COMPLETED 13/03/09: read me.)
49 Play poker for money [more details]
50 Brew my own ginger beer [more details]
51 Learn to play a particular piece of music on a new instrument. [more details]
52 Grow my own herbs [more details]
53 Have a SCUBA lesson. [more details]
54 Watch "It's a Wonderful Life" all the way through. [more details]
55 Read "Poetry for Dummies" [more details]
56 Get gently squiffy with as many of my friends as I can at the same time. [more details]
57 Visit every public museum with an LS postcode. [more details]
58 Write articles for T&C [more details]
59 Design and make a piece of jewellery for my Mother. [more details]
60 Give 50 books to charity shops. [more details]
61 Redecorate the landing. [more details]
62 Read Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle from start to finish. [more details]
63 Climb the bell tower at Leeds Town Hall [more details] (COMPLETED 13/09/09: read me.)
64 Fit loft insulation [more details]
65 Make a will [more details]
66 Take my own lunch to work at least 250 times over the course of the experiment [more details]
67 Write letters to friends and family instead of emailing them. [more details]
68 Give archery a try. [more details] (COMPLETED 12/06/09: read me.)
69 Visit a gun club. [more details]
70 Go to Classical Fantasia with a picnic. [more details]
71 Turn my handwriting into a font. [more details] (COMPLETED 10/04/09: read me.)
72 Send something to postsecret. [more details]
73 Visit every Farmer's Market within an hour's drive away. [more details]
74 Phone a commercial letting agency and find out just how much rent on a shop would be. [more details]
75 Learn what all the different planning consent types are. [more details]
76 Make a stop-motion animation [more details]
77 Vote in all the local elections. [more details]
78 Ride a horse. [more details]
79 Attend an auction. [more details]
80 Finish a business plan. [more details]
81 Take the bike out at least 250 times [more details]
82 Watch a play that's been written by someone I know [more details] (COMPLETED 12/06/09: read me)
83 Do Something About It [more details]
84 Make a lava lamp [more details]
85 Attend at least four Exposure Leeds sessions [more details] (COMPLETED 03/06/09: details spread over many posts)
86 Whack a bucket of balls at a driving range. [more details] (COMPLETED 17/03/09: read me)
87 Stop buying coffee on the way into work. [more details]
88 (as part of 87) Eat breakfast. [more details]
89 Build a camera. [more details]
90 Make a calendar. [more details]
91 Learn how to use fire poi. [more details]
92 Make a batch of boiled sweets [more details]
93 Attend a lunchtime recital at the Clothworkers [more details]
94 Attend I Love West Leeds [more details]
95 Enter the Charlie Cake competition [more details] (COMPLETED 04/10/09: read me)
96 Go up Pen-y-ghent [more details] (COMPLETED 08/08/09: read me)
97 Go walking with Matt at least eight times over the 1001 days. [more details]
98 Declutter the spare room [more details]
99 Give away all the photographic stuff I don't need. [more details]
100 Say yes to all of my friends collecting sponsorship money for charity, by doing things outside their comfort zones. [more details]
101 Collate all of the material produced whilst carrying out the task list, and make it available in a reasonably easy-to-use format. [more details]


  1. Tina Sparkle may be able to help with 31.
    On 59 Swarthmore are having a jewellery weekend which may be helpful. Nice young man could help with 96 and 86. On 64: B&Q have apparently been selling rolls of insulation. On 80 Business Link do local free workshops which could help. On 91 and 68, I have friends in Leeds with these hobbies if an introduction to them may be useful. Oh, and if 13 is always S, it doesn't count ;) Sam x

  2. PS on 64 I forgot to say for £1.

  3. @Sam: I've just realised I typo'd 31; what I meant was the WYP. Still, a backstage tour of the Yorkshire Evening Press could be very cool indeed, and I might just leave it as it stands :)

    I shall discuss the others with you soon, too.