Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's all a bit quiet here

Erm, it's gone a bit quiet here. Sorry about that.

I'm still doing 101Things, but I need to sort out in my head exactly how to write up some of the things I've been up to - series goals, especially are a bit of a pain. There's been a change, too; I'm never going to visit every LS swimming pool, not least because I'm worried my car will be halfinched while I'm visiting at least one of them, but the spirit of the quest was to get me fitter which is happening, just in the same pool, not different ones.

I'm writing up some personal project things on my non-101things blog, which is at and there's some bloody interesting stuff on there, like my talk on cake and the day I spent drinking coffee in indie coffee shops here in Leeds.

I'll get back on the writing up horse for this soon, as well as catch up on ticking things off the list. Keep reading :)

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